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  • 5-Week Obi-TENS unit rental fee is $50.
  • Refundable deposit is $20, which will be returned when unit is returned on-time with all parts in good working order.
  • Additional electrode packs (4 electrodes per pack) are available for $5.

The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for those painful moments during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable TENS machines available today. The Obi TENS is an ultra simple yet powerful obstetric TENS unit perfect for drug-free pain relief during labour. It has 2 pre-set modes one for use during contractions, the other for use between contractions.


The sooner you start using TENS in labor, the better it tends to work. If you hire a doula or midwife, they may have a TENS, but you may want to start using it before they arrive to support you, so renting one for yourself is a great idea.

Hospitals do not have TENS available in Labor & Delivery.


A TENS unit works by sending mild electrical impulses to sticky pads on your lower back. TENS works as the electrical pulses stimulate nerves that run to the spinal cord and block the transmission of pain. This creates a tingling feeling. You can control the strength of the current yourself. It is safe for most laboring people and their babies. TENS also work by providing a distraction and giving you a sense of control, both of which may lessen the anxiety that can delay the progress of labor.

TENS is safe for most laboring people and their babies. It can be used while baby's heart rate is being monitored without disruption. TENS may not be used in water.

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Tens Unit Rental Contract

Once you complete the form below, please follow the yellow "Buy Now" button to make your payment in full. Please note that full payment for all rental items is due upon receipt of you invoice. At 37 weeks we will coordinate pickup/delivery of your rental equipment.

Terms and Conditions


Each rental includes:

Obi-TENS unit, set of 4 TENS self-adhesive gel electrode pads, 2 lead wires plus one spare, 2 AA batteries plus 2 spare, carrying bag.

The Renter understands that the maternity TENS rental is founded on a per rental basis for a period of up to 5 weeks.


The Renter agrees to pay an additional $20 per week or part week if The Renter requests an extension or neglects to return the maternity TENS unit in a timely fashion.


The Renter acknowledges that the maternity TENS is for indoor use, and only by The Renter.


The Renter agrees to return the maternity TENS and all accessories, minus TENS self-adhesive gel electrode pads, to The Owner.


The Renter agrees to pay for the repair of excess damage to the maternity TENS or the accessories incurred during the rental period.


Infection Control & Working Order Policy


Each maternity TENS is cleaned, sanitized and inspected for damage between rentals. The maternity TENS and all accessories are thoroughly tested and verified in working order.


Cancellation & Refund Policy


The Renter understands that once full rental fee ($50) is sent, there will be no refund for any cancellations made thereafter. If the equipment is unused during the rental period or if it is returned before the birth, no refund will be given. The unit deposit is refundable ($20).


TENS Unit Standard Warnings & Safeguards


The maternity TENS you have rented has been designed for use when you reach 37 weeks of gestation. You can use your maternity TENS for pain relief before, after, and during labour and birth.




- Severe damage to the maternity TENS and personal harm may occur of the maternity TENS is not set up and used properly, and all the enclosed instructions are not properly followed.

- Pregnant people earlier than 37 weeks of gestation and persons suffering from high or low blood pressure should not use the maternity TENS without medical consultation with their midwives and/or doctors.

- Do not use the maternity TENS if you have a cardiac pacemaker or suffer from epilepsy. 

- Unsupervised use by children is prohibited. Never leave children unattended without adult supervision in the vicinity of the maternity TENS. 

- The maternity TENS must not be used in a bathtub, shower or birth pool.

- Do not apply the TENS self-adhesive gel electrode pads internally or to cracked or broken skin.

- Do not use a damaged maternity TENS as usage promotes further damage.


Waiver of Liability


The Renter acknowledges to have read the Maternity TENS Rental Contract, Terms & Conditions, Infection Control & Working Order Policy, Cancellation & Refund Policy and Waiver of Liability.


The Renter understands and agrees to all terms and conditions as outlined above.


The Renter accepts all responsibility for the inherent risks to The Renter and anyone in The Renter's care with respect to the maternity TENS. 


The Renter agrees to release and hold harmless The Owner and/or any agent thereof, its members, employees, associates, and manufacturers from any and all responsibility or liability for complications, or injury to any or all persons in connection with the use of rented maternity TENS that may occur before, during, and/or after labor and/or birth and/or rental period.


The Renter specifically holds The Owner harmless from any claims made by third parties, as well as any damage or injury to property occasioned by the use of the maternity TENS during the rental period or while the maternity TENS is otherwise in the possession of The Renter.

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