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Sneak Peek DNA Tests

Find out the sex of your baby as early as 8 weeks.

No more waiting for that big ultrasound!

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Q. Is the Sneak Peek test the same as prenatal genetic screening?

A. Sneak Peek only looks for fetal sex chromosomes. It is does not take the place of genetic screenings which may be recommended by your healthcare provider.

Q. Why do we say sex instead of gender? Aren't they interchangeable?

A. Nope! Fetal sex is based on their chromosomal make-up. Sex is determined by a person's genes.

Gender is a social construct and we cannot test for it.

Why Choose Sneak Peek Clinical?

Quicker Results

Sneak Peek Clinical offers the fastest turn around time in the industry with results as soon as the next day! Samples are sent overnight via USPS at no additional charge to you.  

Eliminate Risk of Contamination

With the Sneak Peek Clinical Test, the risk of contaminating the sample with male chromosomes is eliminated. Blood is drawn in a controlled environment.

Get your
Sneak Peek
with next day results for $149!

A $49 non-refundable deposit is required when scheduling your Sneak Peek test.

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